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Earn Easy Commissions Review 2019 – Is This A Scam?


Earn Easy Commissions is an internet marketing opportunity where you can earn an online income. The question is: is this an opportunity worth joining or should you steer clear of it?

First of all, who is the owner of Earn Easy Commissions?

The owner of Earn Easy Commissions is Chuck Nguyen.

Chuck is the creator of the now defunct No Brainer Profit System as well as Digital Elites Academy.

I was actually a part of both a while back. In fact, the No Brainer Profit System was a program that generated leads for me.

So what product does Earn Easy Commissions promote?

Herein lies the challenge. There is nothing being sold here. Now, that is something that most people struggle to understand. Normally, to make money online, you expect to be promoting a product. Not here it seems.

Well, definitely not at the free level.

So is Earn Easy Commissions a scam?

I joined the free membership last year but did nothing with it. I thought at the time that this could be a scam.

From my unqualified opinion now, I can state categorically that Earn Easy Commissions is not a scam,

I don’t see enough negative reviews to class it as a scam. Furthermore, on closer inspection, I can see that payments depend on referring members from certain countries to the platform.

And even then, Chuck has some strict rules in place for paying out commissions to members.

I see nothing wrong there. Chuck’s program isn’t the only pay per lead program in the market.

Can you really go from $0 to $10K as a free member?

If you live on a different planet then you may be sucked into believing that you’ll make big money if you stay free. The reality is that such thinking is fanciful. There are always costs associated with running an online business.

So expect a cost here too, even if the initial impression would indicate that you can make all this money as a free member.

This is a usual tactic employed in marketing to get you in through the door where you are then offered upsells.

Does that make these types of programs a scam? No.

So just how is the big money made here?

Surprise, surprise: the big money is made here when you upgrade your membership to VIP Partner.

And how is that beneficial to you?

The money earned at VIP level makes the Earn Easy Commissions compensation plan extremely lucrative.

That is why so many people are raving about it.

You see, Earn Easy Commissions has a 2 tier compensation plan. That is where passive (residual) income kicks in.

This type of compensation plan is not exclusive to Earn Easy Commissions.

So how would a two-tier commission structure with Earn Easy Commissions work?

In principle, if you promote the program and some of your referrals upgrade to VIP (assuming you are a VIP Partner), you will earn commissions when they upgrade.

But the beauty of the compensation plan is that you also earn commissions when your referral’s referral upgrades to VIP. That is how you can earn more money on complete autopilot without any extra work on your part. This is what is referred to as leveraged commissions.

Is that all there is to offer?

If that is all there was to offer then I suppose you could argue that this is a program to steer clear from. However, there is more here than meets the eye.

Chuck has added additional income streams that VIP partners will benefit from. And all of these, are reputable companies.


As a free member at Earn Easy Commissions, there is no way you will earn the big money mentioned on the registration page.

In fairness to Chuck, if you go through the video presentation, he does confirm how the big money is made here.

Do I recommend this program to newbies?

Do bear in mind that the cost of entry into the VIP program is quite high. However, it is not unusually higher than some other programs out there.

Is this program suitable for a newbie?

My answer is it depends on your level of experience in affiliate marketing.

The program is suitable for a newbie who understands that they will not make a truckload of money on the free membership.

If you are brand new to Internet marketing, I would recommend that you join a course first prior to deciding what opportunity to promote.


This program is no longer in existence. It has instead been replaced by a free affiliate marketing training.