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My Honest Unbiased Review Of The 1KPerDayMovement System

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Please note that much of the information on this page is no longer applicable. If you want more up to date information visit this article instead.

What is this program?

If you are looking for a way to make money online as a beginner then a site called 1KPerDayMovement has just launched.

At the time of writing, we are going through the coronavirus crisis. With so many people facing unemployment, this is a good time to explore alternative sources of income.

So I thought it would be a perfect time to provide you with an honest review of this site. I am an affiliate of this program therefore I know how it works.

The program is designed to assist online entrepreneurs so they can reach their goal of earning $1,000 per day consistently.

What are some of the benefits of joining this system?

This opportunity is free to join and check out

The program owner is a guy called Keith Stephen and is very visible

There are multiple ways to earn money from this program

Once you have activated your income streams, you can earn money here on autopilot

What should do first if you decide to try it out?

This program is fairly easy to use when you are prepared to follow simple instructions.

When you register, you will receive login details. To really understand the system and how it works, you need to login to your back office.

You will automatically land on the Get Started section of the website, where you will notice that there are 5 steps to complete.

You must watch the videos in Step 1 and Step 2 for the system to make any sense especially if you are brand new to internet marketing.

You can then join the Facebook community where the program owner can be seen. Joining the Facebook community is a no brainer as this is where regular updates will be received. In addition, it is a place where members are able to ask questions if they are struggling with any aspect of setting up the system.

After joining the Facebook Group and getting a feel for the opportunity, you can then start setting up your system.
However, there are some people who might prefer to go through the Step 1 to Step 5 videos before joining the Facebook community. The choice is yours how you decide to do it.

What can you expect to find inside 1KPerDayMovement?

There are 48 income streams within this system. I counted about 30 of these that are completely free to register for.

You are able to promote your own opportunity inside this system. When a lead clicks on the Sponsor tab, they are able to see what opportunity you are promoting.

Two of the simplest ways to get started online as a beginner are through affiliate marketing and network marketing. There are a few network marketing opportunities here and all are paid opportunities. On the flip side, there are even more affiliate marketing opportunities that are completely free to join.

Who Is This Program Designed For?

This system is designed for all levels. Anyone can benefit from the free training offered by Keith Stephens.

So a complete beginner can plug into this system, follow instructions and start promoting the system to make money.

The system is also suitable for more advanced marketers who want to scale their business and experience more success online.

What I Personally Like About This System

Usually trying to market more than one opportunity at a time when you are a beginner is not easy. It is preferable to start out with one opportunity, get some success with that before attempting to promote another one.

This system makes it easier to promote multiple streams of income all at once with just one affiliate link.

There is no pressure here to join every opportunity. You join whatever opportunity you prefer.

There are three reasons why you might choose to use this system:

You are looking to promote your own opportunity

Using a company replicated website that thousands of other distributors use will not make you stand out. So it is best to create your own or find another alternative.

So as you know, with the 1K Per Day Movement program, you are able to enter your affiliate ID in the Back Office and promote your opportunity free.

There are multiple streams of income within this platform

If you are looking for multiple streams of income then you are in the right place. Simply select the programs you like and enter your affiliate ID. You can then promote these using your affiliate link.

You want to promote the system itself

Although the 1KPerDayMovement training and funnel are free to use, you can upgrade your membership. There are two levels of upgrades:

Core Training Upgrades

There are PDFs, guides and checklists inside the free funnel. However, downloading these requires an upgrade fee of $37.00. How do you benefit by taking this upgrade option?

Taking this upgrade option allows you to earn 50% commissions directly from the system.

But there is another upgrade option…

1K Shortcut Training Upgrade

This is an upgrade that costs $115.00.

The question is why would you choose this upgrade offer?

  • The program owner will use this program as a more specialized mentoring program where he will share his profitable campaigns with this students.
  • This upgrade attracts a higher level of commission. Members will earn 75% commissions instead of the 50% commissions.
  • In addition, a member’s affiliate link will be entered into a team rotator. What that means for you is that you will receive free referrals which could be very valuable.

What I don’t like about the program

The 1KPerDayMovement program is free to join that’s true.

To make money here, your leads have to be prepared to spend money themselves on some of the tools and services otherwise you will make no money at all.

The challenge can be that some people will register with a free mentality and not use any products recommended here.

Overall, I believe that the program is a good opportunity for someone to earn online as there are many tools and services that are promoted here that are vital to running an online business.