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Earn money from Tapestri

I am grateful to be of service and to bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Are you looking for a way to earn money from home?

Tapestri is a company that is about to launch an app.

The Tapestri app will allow you to earn money every month.

All you need to do is:

  • Download the app
  • Install it on your phone
  • Earn money every month

Here is a video that confirms how it works:

Joining Tapestri as a user is free.

You also earn passive income as a free user here. How so?

Well, the app allows you to refer others onto the platform.

Every active user you refer will earn you $1 a month.

So imagine if you refer 50 users to Tapestri.

That would be an additional $50 every month on top of the money you’ll earn for usage.

Joining Tapestri as a free user is easy.

Register now as a free user.

However, you can earn a lot more passive income from Tapestri as an affiliate.

This video explains how you get paid as an affiliate of Tapestri:

Why join as an affiliate now?

The cost to become an affiliate is $9.95 a month.

If you join as an affiliate before the app goes Live then you pay $9.95 now upon registration.

Then your account will be manually suspended for 12 months.

So effectively your membership is free for 12 months.

Join as an affiliate here

Let’s Talk About The Exitus Elite Compensation Plan

I am grateful to be of service and to bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

This article is going to be about the Exitus Elite Compensation Plan, let’s talk about it.

Exitus Elite in case you didn’t know is a program that allows you to earn instant commissions online.

But before we even start talking about compensation, I am sure you are asking yourself right now what Exitus Elite is.

What Is Exitus Elite?

Exitus Elite is a business in a box. It literally is a complete business that allows you to generate an income from the comfort of your own home.

The core product is education for online marketers that gives anyone the opportunity to acquire skills that can help them stand out in a crowded marketplace. So this is a membership site and the courses are downloadable. So one can study at their own pace.

There are four different membership levels

G100 – This membership costs $100 + annual membership fee of $40

G250 – This membership is valued at $250 +  annual membership fee of $100

G500 – This membership is $500 + annual membership fee of $175

G1000 – This product is valued at $1000 + annual membership fee of $299

So how do you make money with the Exitus Elite Compensation Plan?

You earn money with the Exitus Elite program by selling the Genesis products to others. It uses the 1 UP compensation plan which is one of the best of the plans in the industry.

When someone buys a Genesis product from you, you earn 100% of the commissions for the level you are locked into.

If you are at G500 and make a sale of $100 or $250, you get to keep the commissions and the team member.

The first sale you make at your level or above is your training or qualifying sale. This sale and the person who bought the product from you goes to your sponsor.

Once you are qualified, you are qualified for life. So if you are qualified for the G500, you can start earning those commissions at G500 level and below. And you get to keep your team members.

Let’s say you are G100 qualified meaning that your commission and buyer were passed up to your sponsor. If you upgrade to the G500, your 1st sale will pass up to your sponsor but you get to keep your teammate. So you only ever pass up one person.

Once you make your 1st qualifying sale, that annual membership fee is waived.

You can check out Exitus Elite here.

Have you seen the new 1KPerdaymovement yet?


I am grateful to be of service and to bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

1KperDayMovement launched in April 2020 and has gone through some changes. Have you seen the new 1KPerdayMovement yet?

So why was 1KperDayMovement created?

1KperDayMovement was created to assist online marketers who are looking to learn how to make money online. It is also suitable for those who want to improve their ability to generate results on a more consistent basis.

You can also leverage the platform to earn from multiple income streams.

What has changed on the new platform?

Well, there have been some massive changes. Previously, you had two levels of membership. However, you now have 4 levels of membership.

What are they?

Free Member 

You will have access to all the free training within the platform

Starter Member

As a Starter member, you have the ability to unlock the Core Program endorsed MSI at a cost of $49 a month.

Pro Member

With a Pro membership, you will have access to 30 streams of income. The cost of a pro membership is $99 a month.

Elite Member

The Elite membership enables you to tap into 180+ income streams. The cost of this membership is $299 a month.

This is a big one for free members

If you are a free member, you are now able to refer others to 1KPerDayMovement.

This means that you’ll be able to earn commissions from referrals.

Previously, a free member could only access free training on the platform. So everybody is a winner here.


What you will need to earn commissions

In order to earn commissions directly from the program, you need a Warrior + account. That is where you’ll earn your commissions.

What I like about the new 1KPerDayMovement

As an Elite Member myself, I like the idea of having multiple streams of income under the same umbrella. You just need to promote one link.

You earn money when a referral upgrades their membership within the platform.

There is a dedicated Facebook Group where the program owner provides additional support

What I don’t like about the new platform

The platform can be overwhelming for a newbie to navigate at first.

It is unlike anything else that I have seen in the marketplace. On the plus side though, the program owner has created videos that assist the user in setting up their system at every turn.

You can register your free account and check out what is on offer.

Have you used this site before? What are your thoughts?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay



My Honest And Unbiased Review Of My Online Startup – Extra Income Stream

I am grateful to be of service and to bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

What is this program?

Are you looking for an extra stream of income?

My Online Startup is an affiliate marketing course that is designed to help anyone make money online.

It is a learn and earn program which means that you can start earning money as you go through the training program.

What are some of the benefits of joining this system?

The training program is free to join.

It is a program that is perfect for a beginner who wants to learn about affiliate marketing.

You can study at your own pace.

What should you do first if you decide to try it out?

Your first step would be to register for the free training.

Once again, there is absolutely no cost involved in going through the basic affiliate marketing training.

Who is the program owner

MyOnlineStartup is the brainchild of an Internet Marketer called  Chuck Nguyen based in Melbourne, Australia. Chuck has been in the Internet Marketing space for a while.

He is also the founder of two other opportunities that no longer exist: Earn Easy Commissions (EEC) and Digital Elites.

I was actually in both programs. I paid money to join Digital Elites and it suddenly disappeared. Then I started looking into Earn Easy Commissions and that also shut down.

So I was reticent to look into the new program. However, I decided to take a look at it. And you will see my honest and unbiased review below.

What can you expect to find inside My Online Startup?

My Online Startup is designed to help anyone scale their online business to 6 Figures.

I don’t usually expect much from a free program. However, this training is surprisingly well structured and is very detailed.


You will get a good general understanding of online business in the following areas:


Mindset plays a key role in business success. So be prepared to get a firm grounding on this.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have never done affiliate marketing, don’t worry. You will learn all about it and what you need to do to get started as an affiliate marketer.


I sometimes hear that blogging is dead. That blogs have been replaced by sales funnel. This section is designed to show you why blogging can still be used as an important strategy in building a 6 figure business.

Lead Generation

From the title it is clear that we are talking about lead generation. If you don’t know what this is, it is all explained in this section.

If you want to learn the secret formula super affiliates use to crush it online then you’ll want to pay particular attention to this section.

You Tube

In YouTube, you have the 3rd largest search engine in the world. It has 1.5 billion users worldwide. It is many people’s go-to place when they want to learn about affiliate marketing.

So this is definitely a section worth paying attention to because video is extremely powerful. I prefer to learn through video than by reading a book.

Forum Marketing 

Forum marketing stills remain a great way to do business online. You may not have heard of this type of marketing but it is very effective if you know what you are doing.

Solo Ads

Solo ads is big business and is a method of traffic generation to your affiliate offer. Millions of people use them every year.

Who Is This Program Designed For?

Students looking to generate extra money to fund their education

A professional looking to earn additional income from home

An affiliate marketer who is looking for an additional stream of income

A mum looking to work from home to look after her newborn child

A person looking for a career change

Let’s dive into the affiliate program

As you know free members are unable to promote the program.

There are another two levels of membership that allow you to promote MyOnline Startup.

The available options are:

The Founding Partner upgrade is priced at $197 (one time fee) or,

The Legendary Partner upgrade costs $997 (one time fee)

 What are the key differences between the membership levels?

Founding Partner Upgrade

Should you refer someone who decides to become a Founding Partner you’ll earn $100 commissions but also on multiple streams of income inside the program.

There are no commissions earned on a referral that decides to upgrade to Legendary Partner.

Legendary Partner Upgrade

As a Legendary Partner, you’ll be a part of MyOnlineStartup’s Inner Circle. What are the main benefits?

You have access to group coaching. Leadership secrets will also be revealed and you’ll also be digging deeper into mindset.

As a Legendary Partner, you will also earn commissions too. One of the commissions you earn is $500 but there are another 4 ways to earn.

What I Personally Like About This System

The training is very easy to follow

You have access to a community where you can interact freely with other members

For those who join the paid program, there is a free done-for-you service.  What does this mean?

In order to be eligible for the done for you program, you must join:

GetResponse – this is an autoresponder service

ClickMagick – this is a link tracking service that is essential if you want to know which ads are performing well

Clickbank – it is a marketplace where you can find affiliate offers to promote.

This DFY service provides you with a capture page that enables you to build your list.

You are given a special affiliate link to your capture page which is what you use to promote the program.

The integration with your Getresponse autoresponder is handled by the MyOnlineStartup team

As part of the DFY service you are provided with 150+ done for you follow-up emails.

What I don’t like about the program

The DFY service is set up within a 48-hour timeframe. A shorter timeframe would be helpful.

The DFY service does encourage lazy marketing. My feeling is that yes it is good to have. But at some point, you may wish to create your own capture pages. If everyone uses the same page then it becomes harder to stand out.

The affiliate program is no longer free. I feel that the program should still be available to free members to promote. But I understand that you weed out a lot of people who are not serious enough about working for themselves online.

There is an additional cost associated with having the autoresponder service ($15/month) and tracking service ($27/month).

Facebook Marketing is free but the paid traffic can be costly with no guarantee of results.

Have you gone through this training or are you promoting this program? If so what are your thoughts?


My Honest Unbiased Review Of The 1KPerDayMovement System

I am grateful to be of service and to bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.


Please note that much of the information on this page is no longer applicable. If you want more up to date information visit this article instead.

What is this program?

If you are looking for a way to make money online as a beginner then a site called 1KPerDayMovement has just launched.

At the time of writing, we are going through the coronavirus crisis. With so many people facing unemployment, this is a good time to explore alternative sources of income.

So I thought it would be a perfect time to provide you with an honest review of this site. I am an affiliate of this program therefore I know how it works.

The program is designed to assist online entrepreneurs so they can reach their goal of earning $1,000 per day consistently.

What are some of the benefits of joining this system?

This opportunity is free to join and check out

The program owner is a guy called Keith Stephen and is very visible

There are multiple ways to earn money from this program

Once you have activated your income streams, you can earn money here on autopilot

What should do first if you decide to try it out?

This program is fairly easy to use when you are prepared to follow simple instructions.

When you register, you will receive login details. To really understand the system and how it works, you need to login to your back office.

You will automatically land on the Get Started section of the website, where you will notice that there are 5 steps to complete.

You must watch the videos in Step 1 and Step 2 for the system to make any sense especially if you are brand new to internet marketing.

You can then join the Facebook community where the program owner can be seen. Joining the Facebook community is a no brainer as this is where regular updates will be received. In addition, it is a place where members are able to ask questions if they are struggling with any aspect of setting up the system.

After joining the Facebook Group and getting a feel for the opportunity, you can then start setting up your system.
However, there are some people who might prefer to go through the Step 1 to Step 5 videos before joining the Facebook community. The choice is yours how you decide to do it.

What can you expect to find inside 1KPerDayMovement?

There are 48 income streams within this system. I counted about 30 of these that are completely free to register for.

You are able to promote your own opportunity inside this system. When a lead clicks on the Sponsor tab, they are able to see what opportunity you are promoting.

Two of the simplest ways to get started online as a beginner are through affiliate marketing and network marketing. There are a few network marketing opportunities here and all are paid opportunities. On the flip side, there are even more affiliate marketing opportunities that are completely free to join.

Who Is This Program Designed For?

This system is designed for all levels. Anyone can benefit from the free training offered by Keith Stephens.

So a complete beginner can plug into this system, follow instructions and start promoting the system to make money.

The system is also suitable for more advanced marketers who want to scale their business and experience more success online.

What I Personally Like About This System

Usually trying to market more than one opportunity at a time when you are a beginner is not easy. It is preferable to start out with one opportunity, get some success with that before attempting to promote another one.

This system makes it easier to promote multiple streams of income all at once with just one affiliate link.

There is no pressure here to join every opportunity. You join whatever opportunity you prefer.

There are three reasons why you might choose to use this system:

You are looking to promote your own opportunity

Using a company replicated website that thousands of other distributors use will not make you stand out. So it is best to create your own or find another alternative.

So as you know, with the 1K Per Day Movement program, you are able to enter your affiliate ID in the Back Office and promote your opportunity free.

There are multiple streams of income within this platform

If you are looking for multiple streams of income then you are in the right place. Simply select the programs you like and enter your affiliate ID. You can then promote these using your affiliate link.

You want to promote the system itself

Although the 1KPerDayMovement training and funnel are free to use, you can upgrade your membership. There are two levels of upgrades:

Core Training Upgrades

There are PDFs, guides and checklists inside the free funnel. However, downloading these requires an upgrade fee of $37.00. How do you benefit by taking this upgrade option?

Taking this upgrade option allows you to earn 50% commissions directly from the system.

But there is another upgrade option…

1K Shortcut Training Upgrade

This is an upgrade that costs $115.00.

The question is why would you choose this upgrade offer?

  • The program owner will use this program as a more specialized mentoring program where he will share his profitable campaigns with this students.
  • This upgrade attracts a higher level of commission. Members will earn 75% commissions instead of the 50% commissions.
  • In addition, a member’s affiliate link will be entered into a team rotator. What that means for you is that you will receive free referrals which could be very valuable.

What I don’t like about the program

The 1KPerDayMovement program is free to join that’s true.

To make money here, your leads have to be prepared to spend money themselves on some of the tools and services otherwise you will make no money at all.

The challenge can be that some people will register with a free mentality and not use any products recommended here.

Overall, I believe that the program is a good opportunity for someone to earn online as there are many tools and services that are promoted here that are vital to running an online business.


Newbies On Fire – Compensation Plan Explained

If you are checking out Newbies On Fire and still have burning questions, I get it.

Most people usually don’t fully understand the power of the compensation plan.

So just to recap….

There are four levels of training at Newbies On Fire:

  • Starter Package – it costs $25 + $5 admin fee
  • Basic Package – it costs $100 + $10 admin fee
  • Advanced Package – it costs $250 + $25 admin fee
  • Elite Package – it costs $500 + $50 admin fee

If you wish to know the course content, check out this article.

So how do you earn money here?

There are two ways to earn money at Newbies On Fire:

  • You earn instant commissions when someone you refer purchases a package.
  • You also earn residual commissions here.

Starter Package

If you join at this level, you are only eligible to earn $25 commissions.

When you make your first four sales,  sale 2 and sale 4 are passed up to your sponsor, so you’ll make a $50 commission.

Basic Package

If you join at this level, you are only eligible to earn $25 and $100 commissions.

When you make your first four sales at each level commission level,  sale 2 and sale 4 are passed up to your sponsor.

Advanced Package

If you join at this level, you are only eligible to earn $25, $100 and $250 commissions.

When you make your first four sales at each level commission level,  sale 2 and sale 4 are passed up to your sponsor.

Elite Package

If you join at this level, you are eligible to earn $25, $100, $250 and $500 commissions.

When you make your first four sales at each level commission level,  sale 2 and sale 4 are passed up to your sponsor.

So looking at the above, you can see that going Elite unlocks the door to earn commissions at all 4 levels.

Naturally, you should be looking to join at the level that you feel most comfortable with.

If this is something that you find appealing then just reach out to me on Facebook Messenger 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Newbies On Fire – How It Works


Have you come across Newbies On Fire and are wondering how it works?

Newbies on Fire is a training platform that launched late last year.

Now as you know by now, it is rare that I review a product that I have never used.

So you if you click on the link and proceed to purchase one of the packages, please note that I may earn commissions.

How To Use

What Are The Features Of Newbies On Fire

There are four levels of courses at Newbies On Fire.

Starter Package

This course is all about Blogging and Branding and costs $25 plus a small admin fee of $5.

Basic Package

This course is great if you need help with knowing how to find your buyers.

It costs $100 with a small admin fee of $10.

Advanced Package

This course is all about Facebook Chatbots.

It costs $250 with a small admin fee of $25.

Elite Package

The Elite package is clearly more advanced and was created for three purposes:

  • Learn how to create your own products.
  • You learn the ins and outs of having a membership platform.
  • Teaches you how to facilitate customer retention.

It costs $500 with a small admin fee of $50.

Who Is Newbies On Fire For?

Newbies On Fire was designed for the newbie who is looking to learn about Internet Marketing.

In addition, Newbies On Fire was created for the Online Marketer trying to earn their first dollar online or even for more established marketers.

The key benefit of Newbies On Fire is the low cost of entry – just $25.00.

What I Like About The Product

  • There is no pressure to complete the video lessons within a specific timeframe.
  • What I also like here is that if you play it safe and start at $25 say and then if wish to upgrade to the Starter Package worth $100, you are only liable to pay the difference, not the full $100. So you would pay $75.
  • On the other hand, if you opted to purchase the highest priced package of $500, you will receive the other 3 levels of courses absolutely free.

You can earn while you learn here.

Newbies On Fire is an affiliate program in its own right.

So you can earn $25,$100,$250 and $500 commissions here, over and over again.

But that’s not all: you can also earn residual income with it’s Reverse 2up compensation plan. What earth on does this mean?

Allow me to explain…

If you are on the $500 package as an example, when you get your first 4 sales of $500, you must pass up sale no. 2 and no.4 to your sponsor, that is the power of residual income.

So although you have generated $2,000 worth of sales, $1,000 goes to your sponsor for doing….absolutely nothing. And then that’s it.  So this is a powerful compensation plan.

What I don’t like

I know for a fact that the compensation plan does not appeal to everyone and might look like you are gifting money to your sponsor.

In reality, a good sponsor should be there to support any of their referrals so they can achieve success with this type of program.


12 Minute Affiliate System Review – Is This A Scam?

I have finally decided to do a review on the 12 Minute Affiliate system.

You may have come across an ad about 12 Minute Affiliate. You might be wondering whether this is a scam or if you can make money with this opportunity.

Before I begin this review, I would like to point out that I am an affiliate marketer. So if you click on a link in this post, I may earn commissions.

What are the benefits of being a part of this system?

The purpose of the 12 minute affiliate system   is to help its members promote affiliate products.

The system was created by Devon Brown, an experienced and successful Internet Marketer.

There are three niches covered. You can choose one niche only or all three niches. They are:

  • Home business or make money online.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Personal Development.

How does the system work?

When you join 12 minute affiliate, you will receive a welcome email containing your log in details to access your Back Office.

Once you are in your Back office, on the left hand menu click on Getting Started and just follow the steps.

The most important point to understand with this system is that you need an autoresponder. The trainings are conducted using the Aweber autoresponder.

Once you have set up your autoresponder, you will then be able to set up your funnels and will be ready to make money.

So what are the key features of the 12 minute affiliate system?


As discussed above, to make the system work, you must have an autoresponder. Devon Brown does his trainings using the Aweber autoresponder. At the time of writing, integration with GetResponse and Mailchimp is possible

Instant Funnels 

You will have access to 10 instant funnels if you are in the home business niche. I assume that  this is the same in the Weight Loss and Personal Development niches.



Custom Funnels

You are able to create your own custom funnels using prebuilt templates.

Facebook Group


You will find key trainings inside the Group where you can also get your questions answered.

1 on 1 coaching is provided

It can all be very overwhelming when you get started online.

As a result, 12 Minute Affiliate offer 1 on 1 coaching where you can get additional support. They offer two packages and these cost more money.

Basic Package

3 hours worth of coaching. There are three sessions.

This is to assist you with completing the basis tasks such as setting up your autoresponder.

Affiliate Mastery Platinum coaching

It is for those who are serious about growing their affiliate marketing business to $100,000 or more a year.

Who is this system designed for?

The 12 minute affiliate program has been designed for anyone who wishes to earn an income online or is already earning an income online but want an additional income stream.

12 Minute Affiliate allows you to test drive the system at $9.95 for 14 days.

There are two membership levels to consider:

The Basic membership costs $47 per month or $397 for the one-time lifetime membership and is for 1 niche only.

The Gold membership costs $97 per month or $797 for the one-time lifetime membership and is for all three niches.

The system also has an affiliate program. So you earn 50% commissions where someone joins the program through your affiliate link.

What I like about the 12 Minute Affiliate system

  • The program owner Devon Brown does do regular trainings inside of the Facebook Group.
  • 12 Minute Affiliate provide their members with email swipes for follow up emails.
  • Many people don’t have a desire to mess around building funnels. So having a plug and play system like this really does help.
  • There are many people who have earned their first affiliate commission after joining the program.
  • The training is really easy to follow.

What I don’t like about the program

  • Having to pay money for an autoresponder on a $47 a month program is a bit much in my view. But do watch this space. That may change in future. I currently have an autoresponder included with my monthly fee of $50 at The Conversion Pros where I can build an unlimited number of funnels.
  • I feel that there is too much of an emphasis on Done For You traffic although there is an ebook within the platform on free traffic. Incidentally, if you wish to learn about free traffic methods, here is a free course that will help with that.
  • I would have liked more choice with the number of funnels for my niche.
  • I feel that the trial period should be free to allow us more people to join and experience what is on offer before making an informed decision to join.

Final thoughts on the 12 Minute Affiliate program

12 Minute Affiliate is most definitely not a scam. I have actually tested the system and can tell you that it does work. After buying traffic, I earned commissions with this program almost immediately.

What I would say though, don’t join if you are not committed to your success. You will only burn a hole in your pocket.

If you can afford the investment on the other hand, don’t expect overnight riches either. That only happens in movies.

Have you had any experience with this affiliate marketing opportunity? What were your thoughts on it?


High Ticket Hijack Review – Is It Really 100% Done For You?

High Ticket Hijack launched in September 2019. It professes to be a 100% done for you automated commission cash cow. Is that true?

I purchased the basic version of this product and I am also an affiliate for it. So if you click a link on this page and make a purchase then I will earn commissions.

However, I still want this review to be as impartial as possible.

First of all, exactly what is high ticket?

If you have landed on this review, you are probably searching for a way to make money online or you are already making some money online.

Typically, a lot of people (including myself) promote or have promoted low ticket affiliate products, often ranging between $10-$47 dollars but it can be much more.

Thousands of affiliates promote these types of products for….very low commissions.

High ticket affiliate programs pay much, much larger commissions. An increasing number of affiliates target affiliate programs where they can bank commissions of say $1,000 or more for 1 sale.


Well, the reality is that the effort required to generate a $10 commission or a $1,000 commission is exactly the same.

Hence, more and more people are changing their strategy and promoting higher ticket offers a lot more.

At the end of the day, we all want to be rewarded for our time. So if we can earn larger commissions, it makes the hours spent doing online work somewhat worth while.

So what are the benefits of the High Ticket Hijack app?

Affiliate marketing usually works best through email marketing where:

  • You build a list of subscribers by giving away a lead magnet.
  • Once your prospect is on your list, you use email marketing to drive them to your affiliate offers.

According to the program owners, here are some of the benefits of this app (software):

  • You don’t need a list – trying to build a list can be a massive headache and it is far from easy.
  • You don’t need experience – using the software does not require you to have experience.
  • There is no need to pay for traffic – the program owners provide you with proven free strategies.
  • There is no struggling to find products to promote – you will be given approval to promote these high ticket offers.
  • There is no need to spend more than 15 minutes per day – once the system is set, you’ll only need 15 minutes per day to keep the product running.

What are the features of the High Ticket Hijack Software?

So the High Ticket Hijack software is a cloud based software with nothing for you to download on your computer or laptop.

It is based on a straight line marketing model that provides you with two key features:

  • You will receive a lead capture page that serves a dual purpose. It gives away a free ebook and also a free training is offered.
  • The done for you webinar page where the prospect goes through the training. The free giveaway will only be provided when the prospect goes through the entire training that contains an irresistible offer.

Who is this for?

This type of software is for absolutely anyone to use.

You don’t need any special skills or knowledge. You just need to be coachable and be prepared to take action.

If you don’t know how to build sales funnels or don’t want to build sales funnels, then this is definitely for you.

However, this software is also suitable for experienced marketers.

So how does High Ticket Hijack software work?

It is really very easy to set up. If I can do this then I suggest that anyone else can.  With this system, you will need to have an autoresponder.

The training shows you how to connect your lead capture page to your autoresponder using Aweber. There are other autoresponders in the market of course. But do be aware of the additional cost.

Once you purchase the system, you will log in and then from the left hand menu, you click on Training.

The first training module you should be following is the one above. It basically shows you how to add your affiliate links to your Done For You Campaigns.

Now you will have to register with ClickBank and Warrior + affiliate networks if you purchase the basic software. These are both free affiliate networks. Adding your affiliate links to the software is easy.

Once you have done that, you also select the free giveaway that you want your prospect to receive after they have watched the webinar training and that’s it.

The next step is connecting your lead capture page to your autoresponder. Again the tutorial, makes it easy to set up if you are using an Aweber autoresponder especially.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a list and how to create a follow up email series in your autoresponder.

And now what next?

Once you are set up, you are ready to drive traffic to your sales funnel. There is further training that helps you drive traffic to your done for you sales funnel. The training gives you 3 strategies:

  • Solo ads (paid strategy).
  • Instagram – (free strategy).
  • You Tube (video marketing – free strategy).

What I like about the product

  • The software allows you to create your own campaigns.
  • It is definitely not difficult to set up. I have created the three done for you Campaigns with minimum fuss.
  • They are all high ticket offers paying higher commissions.
  • There are many affiliates promoting affiliate products and not building their lists. As a short term measure, probably OK. But a list is so important. Hence, the ability to promote a product while your list is being built for you should be an attractive proposition.

What I don’t like about the product

  • The basic product only provides you 3 offers to promote. However, the unlimited version offers a lot more variety.
  • The sales page headline in my opinion is misleading. It reads: “How I effortlessly make over $1,000 per day.” Making money online requires effort somewhere along the line whether using a free or paid strategy together with a software.
  • What would have been helpful especially for a newbie is having a follow up email series of say 3-5 emails to add to the autoresponder.

In conclusion

I have not heavily promoted the done for you funnels inside of the High Ticket Hijack. But one thing is clear to me: it is not a scam.

However, there are too many upsells in my opinion and it does lead me to wonder whether the basic product is a waste of time altogether.

Once, I have promoted the done for you funnels, I will add more information in my final thoughts on this software.

Do you have experience of using this software to promote the done for you funnels? If so, what has been your own experience so far with it?

Covert Commissions Review – Is It Really Worth The Hassle?

Have you been online looking for an opportunity you can do from the comfort of your home?

I stumbled upon an opportunity a few days ago and thought it would be worth doing a review on it.

Now before I go any further here, please note that any product or opportunity that I review on this site will always be a product or opportunity that I am using. So as I am an affiliate of Covert Commissions, if you click on the link and purchase the product then I will make a small commission.

However, the intention of this review is to be objective. So I will share my thoughts on this opportunity during the course of this review.

What is Covert Commissions?

The whole point of Covert Commissions is to assist you with list building and to make money from your list building efforts.

Unless, you live under a rock, you should be well aware that one of the best ways to make money online is through list building.

A list is merely a group of people whose email addresses you possess. These people are happy to receive information from you.

It is well documented that marketing to 100 people you have established a relationship with is infinitely easier than trying to market to 1,000 people who you don’t know.

When people know, like and trust your recommendations, they are more likely going to buy from you.

List Building is far from easy

List building is definitely not a simple process. There are many moving parts to it. The end goal is obviously to make sales when you build a list.

Here is the harsh reality: even if you know how to create a high converting squeeze page, it is not enough to generate a sale. You still need to think about your lead magnet or gift. You will need to think about an email sequence that converts. Also, if you don’t have copywriting skills then it can be challenging to create a follow up series.

People typically need 7-12 exposures before they buy a product and that’s why you need an email sequence.

The fact is that not everyone is ready for that level of work. Many people give up as a result of overwhelm or even a lack of time.

Covert Commissions is a Done For You System

  • It is cloud based. There is nothing to install. You are nearly ready to go when you sign in to your Back Office.
  • You have a choice of 70+ opt in templates.
  • A variety of niches are covered such as relationships, wordpress, fitness etc
  • The freebie is taken care off and comes in the form of a report or software gift which contains your affiliate link.
  • The follow up emails are dealt with for you by Covert Commissions

What is the cost of joining Covert Commissions?

You can check out the prices below. It is pretty self explanatory:


Having said that at the time of writing, you currently have the ability to join free and test drive the system.

Free Membership V Paid Membership at Covert Commissions

  1. The choice of templates on the free membership is limited to just 7 templates as opposed to 70+ on the paid membership.
  2. The autoresponder is built into your free membership. So your leads are emailed automatically. You have zero involvement with that. The paid membership on the other hand allows integration with your own autoresponder. And that is why you will see above that you are able to export your leads.

What should you do once you have joined?

In order to promote the squeeze pages, you will need to click on the circle in the top menu and then on My Profile. Scroll down to Affiliate IDs and you’ll need to provide the following:

  • your ClickBank ID
  • your JVZoo ID
  • your Warrior + API key

ClickBank, JV Zoo and Warrior + are just some of the biggest affiliate networks out there. Signing up with them is absolutely free.

Why do you need to sign up with these affiliate networks?

Well, the products you are going to promote are products that you can find on these affiliate networks.

By signing up with these affiliate networks and entering your IDs in your profile section, your affiliate links will automatically be embedded into the free gifts so you can earn commissions if your prospect decides to purchase the product.

If you already have an account with these affiliate networks, just add your existing IDs in your Back Office.

Check into the Briefing Room next

The Briefing Room gives you detailed information on some of the elements contained within your Back Office.

  • you’ll gain an understanding of how to track your promotional campaigns.
  • you will be informed on where to find your links to promote Covert Commissions.
  • if you don’t have a JVZoo or ClickBank account, you’ll be shown how to set up your account.
  • you will learn why should purchase credits.

What mission do you want to go on?

At this point, I recommend that you prepare for your first mission.

You can do so by going to the menu on your left hand side and clicking on My Missions.

This is a list of products you can promote within the Covert Commissions platform.

Don’t know how to promote these products?

Your Weapons Cache is surely your next port of call

Especially if you are brand new to Affiliate Marketing and have no idea how you are going to promote the products available to you on Covert Commissions, you’ll need to head over to your Weapons Cache.

There you’ll find video tutorials on traffic generation techniques you can implement. Some of the techniques covered are:

  • Blogging
  • You Tube
  • Forums
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook

Traffic is a huge subject, so this is just an idea of what is possible.

If blogging is something you want to do, then Covert Commissions will offer you a free blog as a pro member.

If you are a free member, who wants to do blogging but don’t yet have money for one then you can obtain a free one at Wealthy Affiliates or Wix.

Covert Commissions has pleasantly surprised me

So this is just a reminder that Covert Commissions takes the headache away from list building.

  • There is no need to worry about building a squeeze page.
  • You don’t need to worry about what lead magnet you will use and how you will deliver it.
  • If you are cash strapped then as a free member, you have an in built autoresponder and the email follow up series.
  • However, the benefit you get as a paying member is that you can integrate your own autoresponder.

Life is not perfect at Covert Commissions

  • At the moment, as a free member, I don’t have a lot of choice in terms of what I can promote.
  • The inability to integrate my own autoresponder is really restrictive. You have no control over what emails go out to your list.

My final thoughts on Covert Commissions

After just two days of using Covert Commissions, it is pretty obvious that this is not a scam.

This is a very useful service that can help those who don’t have the time or the desire to get involved in other aspects of running their online marketing business.

This program is therefore suitable for someone who is brand new to Internet Marketing and also a more experienced marketer who just wants to focus on traffic generation.

This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme and is not suitable for the lazy.

The fact that Covert Commissions is a done for you system does not mean that there is no work involved. You still have to drive traffic to your squeeze page and that is easier said than done. It requires work to succeed with it like with anything else.

What are your thoughts on Covert Commissions? Do you have experience of using this software? If so, feel free to leave your comments below. Otherwise, if you have a question, feel free to ask it.