Covert Commissions Review – Is It Really Worth The Hassle?

Have you been online looking for an opportunity you can do from the comfort of your home?

I stumbled upon an opportunity a few days ago and thought it would be worth doing a review on it.

Now before I go any further here, please note that any product or opportunity that I review on this site will always be a product or opportunity that I am using. So as I am an affiliate of Covert Commissions, if you click on the link and purchase the product then I will make a small commission.

However, the intention of this review is to be objective. So I will share my thoughts on this opportunity during the course of this review.

What is Covert Commissions?

The whole point of Covert Commissions is to assist you with list building and to make money from your list building efforts.

Unless, you live under a rock, you should be well aware that one of the best ways to make money online is through list building.

A list is merely a group of people whose email addresses you possess. These people are happy to receive information from you.

It is well documented that marketing to 100 people you have established a relationship with is infinitely easier than trying to market to 1,000 people who you don’t know.

When people know, like and trust your recommendations, they are more likely going to buy from you.

List Building is far from easy

List building is definitely not a simple process. There are many moving parts to it. The end goal is obviously to make sales when you build a list.

Here is the harsh reality: even if you know how to create a high converting squeeze page, it is not enough to generate a sale. You still need to think about your lead magnet or gift. You will need to think about an email sequence that converts. Also, if you don’t have copywriting skills then it can be challenging to create a follow up series.

People typically need 7-12 exposures before they buy a product and that’s why you need an email sequence.

The fact is that not everyone is ready for that level of work. Many people give up as a result of overwhelm or even a lack of time.

Covert Commissions is a Done For You System

  • It is cloud based. There is nothing to install. You are nearly ready to go when you sign in to your Back Office.
  • You have a choice of 70+ opt in templates.
  • A variety of niches are covered such as relationships, wordpress, fitness etc
  • The freebie is taken care off and comes in the form of a report or software gift which contains your affiliate link.
  • The follow up emails are dealt with for you by Covert Commissions

What is the cost of joining Covert Commissions?

You can check out the prices below. It is pretty self explanatory:


Having said that at the time of writing, you currently have the ability to join free and test drive the system.

Free Membership V Paid Membership at Covert Commissions

  1. The choice of templates on the free membership is limited to just 7 templates as opposed to 70+ on the paid membership.
  2. The autoresponder is built into your free membership. So your leads are emailed automatically. You have zero involvement with that. The paid membership on the other hand allows integration with your own autoresponder. And that is why you will see above that you are able to export your leads.

What should you do once you have joined?

In order to promote the squeeze pages, you will need to click on the circle in the top menu and then on My Profile. Scroll down to Affiliate IDs and you’ll need to provide the following:

  • your ClickBank ID
  • your JVZoo ID
  • your Warrior + API key

ClickBank, JV Zoo and Warrior + are just some of the biggest affiliate networks out there. Signing up with them is absolutely free.

Why do you need to sign up with these affiliate networks?

Well, the products you are going to promote are products that you can find on these affiliate networks.

By signing up with these affiliate networks and entering your IDs in your profile section, your affiliate links will automatically be embedded into the free gifts so you can earn commissions if your prospect decides to purchase the product.

If you already have an account with these affiliate networks, just add your existing IDs in your Back Office.

Check into the Briefing Room next

The Briefing Room gives you detailed information on some of the elements contained within your Back Office.

  • you’ll gain an understanding of how to track your promotional campaigns.
  • you will be informed on where to find your links to promote Covert Commissions.
  • if you don’t have a JVZoo or ClickBank account, you’ll be shown how to set up your account.
  • you will learn why should purchase credits.

What mission do you want to go on?

At this point, I recommend that you prepare for your first mission.

You can do so by going to the menu on your left hand side and clicking on My Missions.

This is a list of products you can promote within the Covert Commissions platform.

Don’t know how to promote these products?

Your Weapons Cache is surely your next port of call

Especially if you are brand new to Affiliate Marketing and have no idea how you are going to promote the products available to you on Covert Commissions, you’ll need to head over to your Weapons Cache.

There you’ll find video tutorials on traffic generation techniques you can implement. Some of the techniques covered are:

  • Blogging
  • You Tube
  • Forums
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook

Traffic is a huge subject, so this is just an idea of what is possible.

If blogging is something you want to do, then Covert Commissions will offer you a free blog as a pro member.

If you are a free member, who wants to do blogging but don’t yet have money for one then you can obtain a free one at Wealthy Affiliates or Wix.

Covert Commissions has pleasantly surprised me

So this is just a reminder that Covert Commissions takes the headache away from list building.

  • There is no need to worry about building a squeeze page.
  • You don’t need to worry about what lead magnet you will use and how you will deliver it.
  • If you are cash strapped then as a free member, you have an in built autoresponder and the email follow up series.
  • However, the benefit you get as a paying member is that you can integrate your own autoresponder.

Life is not perfect at Covert Commissions

  • At the moment, as a free member, I don’t have a lot of choice in terms of what I can promote.
  • The inability to integrate my own autoresponder is really restrictive. You have no control over what emails go out to your list.

My final thoughts on Covert Commissions

After just two days of using Covert Commissions, it is pretty obvious that this is not a scam.

This is a very useful service that can help those who don’t have the time or the desire to get involved in other aspects of running their online marketing business.

This program is therefore suitable for someone who is brand new to Internet Marketing and also a more experienced marketer who just wants to focus on traffic generation.

This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme and is not suitable for the lazy.

The fact that Covert Commissions is a done for you system does not mean that there is no work involved. You still have to drive traffic to your squeeze page and that is easier said than done. It requires work to succeed with it like with anything else.

What are your thoughts on Covert Commissions? Do you have experience of using this software? If so, feel free to leave your comments below. Otherwise, if you have a question, feel free to ask it.

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