Have you seen the new 1KPerdaymovement yet?


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1KperDayMovement launched in April 2020 and has gone through some changes. Have you seen the new 1KPerdayMovement yet?

So why was 1KperDayMovement created?

1KperDayMovement was created to assist online marketers who are looking to learn how to make money online. It is also suitable for those who want to improve their ability to generate results on a more consistent basis.

You can also leverage the platform to earn from multiple income streams.

What has changed on the new platform?

Well, there have been some massive changes. Previously, you had two levels of membership. However, you now have 4 levels of membership.

What are they?

Free Member 

You will have access to all the free training within the platform

Starter Member

As a Starter member, you have the ability to unlock the Core Program endorsed MSI at a cost of $49 a month.

Pro Member

With a Pro membership, you will have access to 30 streams of income. The cost of a pro membership is $99 a month.

Elite Member

The Elite membership enables you to tap into 180+ income streams. The cost of this membership is $299 a month.

This is a big one for free members

If you are a free member, you are now able to refer others to 1KPerDayMovement.

This means that you’ll be able to earn commissions from referrals.

Previously, a free member could only access free training on the platform. So everybody is a winner here.


What you will need to earn commissions

In order to earn commissions directly from the program, you need a Warrior + account. That is where you’ll earn your commissions.

What I like about the new 1KPerDayMovement

As an Elite Member myself, I like the idea of having multiple streams of income under the same umbrella. You just need to promote one link.

You earn money when a referral upgrades their membership within the platform.

There is a dedicated Facebook Group where the program owner provides additional support

What I don’t like about the new platform

The platform can be overwhelming for a newbie to navigate at first.

It is unlike anything else that I have seen in the marketplace. On the plus side though, the program owner has created videos that assist the user in setting up their system at every turn.

You can register your free account and check out what is on offer.

Have you used this site before? What are your thoughts?

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