Let’s Talk About The Exitus Elite Compensation Plan

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This article is going to be about the Exitus Elite Compensation Plan, let’s talk about it.

Exitus Elite in case you didn’t know is a program that allows you to earn instant commissions online.

But before we even start talking about compensation, I am sure you are asking yourself right now what Exitus Elite is.

What Is Exitus Elite?

Exitus Elite is a business in a box. It literally is a complete business that allows you to generate an income from the comfort of your own home.

The core product is education for online marketers that gives anyone the opportunity to acquire skills that can help them stand out in a crowded marketplace. So this is a membership site and the courses are downloadable. So one can study at their own pace.

There are four different membership levels

G100 – This membership costs $100 + annual membership fee of $40

G250 – This membership is valued at $250 +  annual membership fee of $100

G500 – This membership is $500 + annual membership fee of $175

G1000 – This product is valued at $1000 + annual membership fee of $299

So how do you make money with the Exitus Elite Compensation Plan?

You earn money with the Exitus Elite program by selling the Genesis products to others. It uses the 1 UP compensation plan which is one of the best of the plans in the industry.

When someone buys a Genesis product from you, you earn 100% of the commissions for the level you are locked into.

If you are at G500 and make a sale of $100 or $250, you get to keep the commissions and the team member.

The first sale you make at your level or above is your training or qualifying sale. This sale and the person who bought the product from you goes to your sponsor.

Once you are qualified, you are qualified for life. So if you are qualified for the G500, you can start earning those commissions at G500 level and below. And you get to keep your team members.

Let’s say you are G100 qualified meaning that your commission and buyer were passed up to your sponsor. If you upgrade to the G500, your 1st sale will pass up to your sponsor but you get to keep your teammate. So you only ever pass up one person.

Once you make your 1st qualifying sale, that annual membership fee is waived.

You can check out Exitus Elite here.

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