Newbies On Fire – How It Works


Have you come across Newbies On Fire and are wondering how it works?

Newbies on Fire is a training platform that launched late last year.

Now as you know by now, it is rare that I review a product that I have never used.

So you if you click on the link and proceed to purchase one of the packages, please note that I may earn commissions.

How To Use

What Are The Features Of Newbies On Fire

There are four levels of courses at Newbies On Fire.

Starter Package

This course is all about Blogging and Branding and costs $25 plus a small admin fee of $5.

Basic Package

This course is great if you need help with knowing how to find your buyers.

It costs $100 with a small admin fee of $10.

Advanced Package

This course is all about Facebook Chatbots.

It costs $250 with a small admin fee of $25.

Elite Package

The Elite package is clearly more advanced and was created for three purposes:

  • Learn how to create your own products.
  • You learn the ins and outs of having a membership platform.
  • Teaches you how to facilitate customer retention.

It costs $500 with a small admin fee of $50.

Who Is Newbies On Fire For?

Newbies On Fire was designed for the newbie who is looking to learn about Internet Marketing.

In addition, Newbies On Fire was created for the Online Marketer trying to earn their first dollar online or even for more established marketers.

The key benefit of Newbies On Fire is the low cost of entry – just $25.00.

What I Like About The Product

  • There is no pressure to complete the video lessons within a specific timeframe.
  • What I also like here is that if you play it safe and start at $25 say and then if wish to upgrade to the Starter Package worth $100, you are only liable to pay the difference, not the full $100. So you would pay $75.
  • On the other hand, if you opted to purchase the highest priced package of $500, you will receive the other 3 levels of courses absolutely free.

You can earn while you learn here.

Newbies On Fire is an affiliate program in its own right.

So you can earn $25,$100,$250 and $500 commissions here, over and over again.

But that’s not all: you can also earn residual income with it’s Reverse 2up compensation plan. What earth on does this mean?

Allow me to explain…

If you are on the $500 package as an example, when you get your first 4 sales of $500, you must pass up sale no. 2 and no.4 to your sponsor, that is the power of residual income.

So although you have generated $2,000 worth of sales, $1,000 goes to your sponsor for doing….absolutely nothing. And then that’s it.  So this is a powerful compensation plan.

What I don’t like

I know for a fact that the compensation plan does not appeal to everyone and might look like you are gifting money to your sponsor.

In reality, a good sponsor should be there to support any of their referrals so they can achieve success with this type of program.


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