What is passive income and how can it benefit you?



Have you ever wondered why some people earn so much money? The secret is that many people earn passive income.

If you have never heard of the term passive income, what does it even mean and why does it matter to you?


What is passive income?

So, as the name itself suggests, it is money that is coming in today with minimal effort from yourself.

If you work a traditional job, then you will realize that you only get paid for the hours that you work.

In addition, you earn a set amount of money. Passive income doesn’t quite work like that.


Why many people are drawn to the passive income model?

As I alluded to above, passive income is money that comes in again and again and again.

That means you could be sick, sleeping, on a holiday or working a full-time job and earn passive income.

That is is why passive income is so very appealing. The sky can literally be the limit.

There are many people earning six figures or more just from passive income alone!

You can benefit from earning passive income….

Therefore passive income is not to be confused with a one-off sale.

With passive income, once the initial sale is generated, you continue to make money over and over again.

Why would anyone want to earn passive income?

It gives you an additional income stream

Would you turn down the ability to earn a repeating income if that opportunity was available to you?

Most people are heavily in debt so this is an opportunity that many would jump at!

It protects you against unemployment

Imagine if you are working a full-time job but also earn a decent amount of money from the comfort of your home?

What would that do for you in the event you lost a job?

Earning residual income can build a retirement fund

Most people through no fault of theirs are unable to build a sizeable retirement fund.

Earning passive income can help boost your retirement fund.

What can you do to generate passive income?

There are a few options for creating passive income.

The two that readily spring to mind are: buying property and investing money.

However, I created this website to bring to you internet marketing opportunities that allow you to earn passive income.

Now not all business opportunities are created equal. So some will allow you to generate a sale and that’s it.

What I will strive to show you are opportunities that allow you to earn passive income, over and over again.






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